Cameron Mitchell Restaurants


General Manager

For some, running a restaurant is a business. For us, it is our calling. Our passion for food and fine dining comes first, business second. We are a chef-driven restaurant. For you, that means fine dining at its best. We invite you to join us for an unforgettable culinary experience.

General Manager Annie Bowlin

With a combination of fifteen years of restaurant and hospitality industry experience, Annie Bowlin has made her mark at Marcella’s Short North where she serves as the general manager.

Bowlin’s restaurant career started at the Wildflower Café where she was a server. After working in different career fields, Bowlin finally realized a job in restaurant and hospitality made her truly happy and she then made the decision to return to her roots.

A native to Columbus, Bowlin graduated from Columbus State with an art degree. Now she’s in the art of restaurant management. She joined the CMR family in 2007 at Cap City. In 2015, she claimed the title of Dining Room Manager of the year.

According to Bowlin, a career in restaurants and hospitality means always being on her toes since anything can happen at any given moment. Being able to change things up without hesitation is key to successful restaurant management.

Bowlin believes in the power of a smile and positive attitude. “You can’t control the world, you can only control your impact on it,” she says. Her leadership skills influence those around her as she lives by the concept of good attitudes. “Your attitude is contagious and it will reflect on your team.”

In her free time, Bowlin pursues her love of photography, hands on projects and fixing up her home.