Executive Chef

For some, running a restaurant is a business. For us, it is our calling. Our passion for food and fine dining comes first, business second. We are a chef-driven restaurant. For you, that means fine dining at its best. We invite you to join us for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Executive Chef Patrick Hofer

Patrick Hofer has always been in the kitchen, starting from his childhood where he would cook with his biggest influence, his grandmother. Now, Hofer’s love for cooking continues at Marcella’s Short North where his favorite part is working with great people in a fast paced environment. There’s never a dull moment for Hofer.

Before obtaining an associate’s degree in culinary arts from The Culinary Institute of America, Hofer’s career in the food industry started at the age of fifteen where he worked in an Italian restaurant. After completing school, he returned to help re-concept and convert the Italian restaurant into a pub. His experience made him an ideal candidate to join the CMR family.

While Hofer doesn’t tend to gravitate towards a certain cooking style, he attempts to cook every type of style he can but in the end, his mood determines what he wants to tackle. The go-to meal his friends and family demand includes fried tofu with roasted brussel sprouts, rice and peanut sauce.

Hofer’s years of restaurant experience provided continuous learning possibilities. His advice for aspiring chefs is to “never stop learning” and to “strive to learn something new every day.”

Outside of the kitchen, Hofer gardens and enjoys hanging out with his wife and daughter.