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Tips for a Successful Dine ‘n Donate

Schedule at Least 4 Weeks in Advance
Schedule your Dine ‘n Donate at least four weeks in advance. Four weeks provides you an ample amount of time to properly promote your event.

Print or Email the Official Flyer!
Email or print flyers for your supporters! On the day of your Dine ‘n Donate day, supporters can bring a hard copy of the Official Flyer or show the Official Flyer on their mobile device to the manager. All supporters must have either a digital or hard copy flyer for their donation to count!

Give Reminders 48 Hours Before the Event
Two days before your Dine ‘n Donate, remind your family and friends of the event. They will already have the flyer and have it marked on their calendar, but hearing your voice will motivate them to attend.

Encourage Friends and Family to Bring One Person Each
This is the easiest way to double your donation total. If you know one of your friends or family member is attending, encourage them to bring one more person with them.

Experiment with Unique Advertising Techniques
In addition to distributing and e-mailing flyers, try a unique advertising technique such as inserting your flyer into the school newspaper, weekly newsletters/e-newsletters, or even uploading the flyer to Facebook or your blog. Make your flyers stand out by printing them on brightly colored paper like orange or neon green. Remember, all guests MUST have a printed copy of the flyer with them and distributing flyers on Marcella’s property is strictly prohibited.