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Dine N’ Donate Guidelines

Marcella’s is committed to the growth of the communities in which we do business. In addition to our continuous philanthropic efforts, it is our mission to provide as much support as possible to a wide variety of schools, non-profit groups and community organizations.

How Marcella’s Dine ‘n Donate Days Work
Each organization is scheduled for a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday at Marcella’s Denver in your selected week to receive 15% of net sales on food and soft beverages generated by their supporters. Dine ‘n Donate Days will be scheduled based on availability. Dine ‘n Donate is not available on holidays.

The organization is emailed a printable PDF flyer three weeks before the event. It is the responsibility of the organization to email and/or print the flyers to distribute to their supports. For a successful Dine ‘n Donate, at least 500 flyers are recommended. Flyers may not be distributed on Marcella’s property on the day of the event.

All flyers must be turned in to servers at the restaurant on the reserved day for lunch or dinner. Supporters can bring in a hard copy of the Dine ‘n Donate flyer or they can show the flyer on a mobile device. Flyers cannot be used for purchasing gift cards and are not valid towards carry out orders. Servers will attach the flyer ticket to the guest check and the organization will receive 15% of all food and soft beverage sales that have flyer tickets attached to guest checks on the reserved day. For flyers shown on a mobile device, a manager will code the top of the guest check. The server will keep this coded guest check and turn it in with any hard copy flyers on the reserved day.


  • Individuals Seeking Aid
  • Organizations Lacking Proof of an FEIN (or Federal Tax Identification Number) via a W9 Form
  • Conferences or Seminars
  • Research Projects
  • Travel for individuals or groups
  • Political Organizations

Cancelation Policy
You may cancel your fundraiser with a minimum of 72 hours’ notice prior to the scheduled event by contacting the General Manager at Marcella’s Denver

Marcella’s can make no guarantees as to the amount contributed to your organization. The success of your fundraiser is dependent on the effort put out by your group in distributing Marcella’s custom flyers (PDF supplied by RBRT) and encouraging participation from your supporters.

Dine ‘n Donate Days Guidelines:
Dates must be requested at least six weeks in advance. Due to limited availability, please schedule as much as three months in advance.

The organization must provide a copy of their W9 form which verifies their EIN (or Federal Tax Identification Number) when they submit the event request form.

Any donation check for the organization’s Dine ‘n Donate will be mailed solely to the address listed on
the W9.

Guests must have a flyer to have their sales counted in the total tally.

Payment in the form of Gift Cards cannot be applied towards the donation.

Seating cannot be guaranteed for large parties. Even though it is the organization’s scheduled day, Marcella’s cannot give preferential seating. Encourage friends and family to dine at Marcella’s throughout the day. Call ahead seating is available and we will take reservations for parties of 8 or more. A large party may have an additional wait or may not be able to be accommodated due to business volume.

Organizations may not distribute event flyers on premises of Marcella’s (this includes our parking lot). Please be sure to communicate to all organization persons distributing flyers. Distributing flyers in this manner will result in the forfeiture of the entire donation. In accordance with our no solicitation policy, organizations are not permitted to display or distribute any signage, pamphlets, or other propaganda for the organization’s scheduled Dine ‘n Donate Day on premises of Marcella’s. Doing so may result in forfeiture of the organization’s entire donation.

Organizations must receive approval from ANY private property owner if they wish to distribute/solicit flyers on premises (i.e. placing flyers on cars, handing out at shopping centers, mailboxes, etc.). The organization will be responsible for paying any littering or postal fines accrued if this rule is violated. Marcella’s strongly discourages this method of flyer distribution.

Marcella’s Provides:

  • The great ambiance and genuine hospitality that we always offer for the organization’s fans, friends and families to enjoy!
  • An electronic version (PDF) of a flyer with detachable ticket, via email.

The Organization Provides:

  • Distribution of 500 flyers (not on Marcella’s premises).
  • Encouragement and enthusiasm to dine at local Marcella’s on the selected date!
  • W-9 with a Federal Employer Identification Number (##-#######) of organization. Marcella’s will not be able to write a check without it!